[June 10] Let’s meet the world: Belgium

<Belgian National Day with Scala & Kolacny Brothers>

Belgium, officially the Kingdom of Belgium is a federal state in Western Europe. It shares the border with France, Luxembourg, Germany, and Netherlands and meets the North Sea. This nation is a founding member of the EU and hosts the EU’s headquarters. Its climate is temperate – has mild winters and cool summers. Belgium is a home to two main linguistic groups, the Dutch-speakers and the French-speakers. The country is divided with 2 largest regions – Dutch speaking region of Flanders in the north and the French-speaking of Wallonia in southern region. Its capital, Brussels is a mostly French-speaking enclave within the Flemish Region though it is officially bilingual. Plus, there is a small group of German speakers in eastern Wallonia.

 <Royal Highness Prince Philippe visited Yeosu Expo to celebrate National Day.>

Today (June 10), Belgium hosts the National Day at Yeosu Expo. To celebrate today, Prince of Belgium, his Royal Highness Prince Philippe visited Yeosu. Girls’ choir, “Scala & Kolacny Brothers” from Belgium touched the audience with beautiful and clear harmony. Their first stage in Korea was successful. They have been loved by the world since “Creep” was on the O.S.T of the movie, “the Social Network.”

Let’s meet their stage with some photos!

Belgium invites all the visitors from the world to their pavilion where beautiful music and delicious food make visitors experience the summer beach at night. The merry-go-round shows the Belgian history and culture – visitors can meet the world’s best diamond cutting technology and beautiful diamonds and can taste the world’s best chocolate.

<The Chocolate lounge in the merry-go-round>

<Merry-go-round shows the collection of Belgium culture and history.>

<Visitors can meet the living organisms in the coast of the North Sea with panorama.>

<Visitors can watch the process of chocolate artwork making by chefs.>

Yeony and Suny prepares a bonus for you! Refresh your day with the beautiful harmony of Scala & Kolacny Brothers.