Let’s enjoy Hebei Province Week Festival (June 5 – June 7) by China Pavilion!

<The view of a city in Hebei>

<Hebei surrounds China’s capital, Beijing.>

The Hebei Province Week Festival introduces the plan of marine development of Hebei in various ways such as cultural performances.

Hebei has both the ocean and the plain. As the world interest in the ocean grows, Hebei also focuses on sustainable ocean. That’s why they celebrate this week at the Expo which is being held under a theme of “the Living Ocean and Coast.”

The China Pavilion offers a fantastic performance named “Gajaebalhaeyeon” at the following times:

10:45 am, 11:15 am, 2:15 pm and 2:45pm


You can guess what their performance looks like with the following pictures!

The China Pavilion plans to introduce some of their local governments during the whole period of Expo, so it would be a good chance to meet various cultures of China!