[Notice] Who Wants to Experience Korean Traditional Wedding?

We are looking for someone who is interested in experiencing Korean traditional wedding at the Expo for free. We invite you to this special experience as one of exclusive experiences in Yeosu!

Read the following information carefully and send an email with your name and contact number here =>  shin0703@expo2012.or.kr

  1. Possible dates to experience the wedding: June 11 – August 12

Note) The possible dates for free experience of Korean Traditional Wedding will be updated day by day. Your application form should be sent at least one day before your desirable date.

  1. Quota: 1 couple/day
  2. How to apply: Send an email with your name and contact number to  shin0703@expo2012.or.kr

Others to know:

–       Applicants should be a couple and the bride should prepare make-up by oneself.

–       The bride and groom are required to take photo with other visitors after wedding ceremony is over.

First applicants have priority. However, a couple who pays to actually get married through the traditional wedding in Yeosu Expo has top priority. In other words, if a couple who wants to pay for real wedding and an applicant couple for free experience of Korean traditional wedding on the same day, the couple who pays has priority for the applicable day.

The free experience can be canceled depending on unpredictable conditions such as weather condition and the chance of free wedding scheduled on the applicable day can’t be rescheduled in this case.

The photos taken on the day of free experience of Korean traditional wedding can be used by Korea Cultural Heritage Foundation on a purpose of PR.

Foreign applicants should insert phone number you use in Korea so that the related personnel can contact you.