Australia Pavilion opened “Coral: Rekindling Venus” in Yeosu for the first time!

<Australia Pavilion>


Australia celebrated the World Environment Day (June 5) by opening “Coral: Rekindling Venus” to the Expo visitors one day earlier than its official opening!


“Coral: Rekindling Venus” is an art film directed by Lynette Wallworth from Australia. The movie shows beautiful images of coral and other marine organisms with beautiful music. It took 5 years for the director to finish shooting this art movie.


It was originally planned to be reveled at the Royal Observatory in London tomorrow (June 6) to celebrate the transit of Venus, when the planet Venus will appear as a small, dark disk moving across the face of the Sun. All of us in the earth can’t watch this spectacle universe show for the next 105 years. The reveal of “Coral: Rekindling Venus” on the day of Transit Venus was intended to praise international cooperation to study this universe phenomenon as well as to urge the world to cooperate for protection of marine ecosystem.  


However, the Australia Pavilion has made a big decision to pre-open some of the movie for Expo visitors on the World Environment Day after considering that Yeosu Expo has stressed the sustainable ocean under a theme of “the Living Ocean and Coast.”


The movie, “Coral: Rekindling Venus” and Yeony and Suny are inviting all the people in the world to protect our companion, the ocean!


Here is a bonus for you! You can watch Coral: Rekindling Venus trailer!