There is fun to choose pavilions with your taste!

If you want to make a remarkable tour at Yeosu Expo, choose pavilions with your own taste. It will give you much higher satisfaction level than others who do not.

The Organizing Committee for Expo 2012 Yeosu Korea advise that people who tour just popular pavilion regardless of their tastes are likely to waste time. Thus, it can ruin your trip to follow what others do.

★You can choose pavilions matching with your favorite movies.

Touring Expo is half the battle as you find and visit pavilions which you usually have wanted to tour. And the rest half of succeed will be completed as you pick preferred performances with beautiful and romantic scene of Yeosu Night sea.

The Organizing Committee for Expo 2012 Yeosu Korea has matched pavilions with visitors’ favorite movies.

Climate & Environment Pavilion- ‘the Day after Tomorrow,’ maybe our near future

If your favorite movie is ‘Tomorrow,’ the committee recommends Climate & Environment Pavilion. ‘Tomorrow’ is about the disaster of global warming. You can experience a blizzard an Antarctic expedition and glaciers at an Arctic expedition as you remind a scene from the movie. And you will realize the seriousness of global warming by watching pictures at Multi-channel Integrated Media Multiplex. The pictures show the facts that melting glaciers and rising sea levels as well as the melting of the Arctic ice is releasing carbon.

Marine Industry & Technology Pavilion- ‘Toy Story,’ invention and future experience

Marine Industry & Technology Pavilion shows new technology removing automobile emissions using microalgae and making marine algae automobiles. The pavilion gives the young an opportunity to broaden their perspective on future invention.

Korea Pavilion- if you ready to be moved at the story of ‘Seopyonje’

The story of sea of Korea is unfolded at Korea Pavilion. Those who like lyrical Korean movies will be attracted by touching story of Seopyonje. You can watch the movie shown with a domed screen lying on the ground.


Theme Pavilion-for those who want to talk to dugong of Dr. Dolittle

Do you believe that talking to animals is only possible in movies? If you visit Theme Pavilion, you will be able to have a conversation with dugong. The movie character, dugong, is one of the most popular characters to children as dugong can speak with sweet voice.

Ocean and Coast Best Practice Area- Let’s meet ‘Oceans’

Visitors can see every kind of marine life and touch all of equipment to explore deep sea as you watched in the movie, ‘Oceans’. The film explores Earth’s five oceans and contained strong scenes of massacres of sea animals, recreated through special effects. There is also an opportunity to meet sea researchers who successfully completed their mission at the communication lab.

Marine City & Civilization Pavilion- Master and Commander

Those who are interested in humanities such as history and civilization exchange will have fun at Marine City & Civilization Pavilion. Compass of the East and Astrololabe of the West guide you to the past. And you can experience challenge of humankind and history of development toward the ocean as you meet Dhow, a wrecked ship, in the ninth century.

Marine Life Pavilion- Le Grand Bleu

It will be one of the most memorable moments if you travel by submarine under the deep sea. Especially, you will experience another world teeming with life thrives beneath the ocean.

DSME Marine Robot Pavilion- WallE

DSME Marine Robot Pavilion will be a very interesting place if you were impressed by the movie ‘Wall∙E.’ The pavilion is especially for children, and you can meet dancing dolls, speaking dolls, and future ocean robots.

Aquarium- Avatar

Did you know there is a similarity between Avatar and Aquarium?

The similarity is that everyone loves it! You can meet Russian white whale ‘Beluga’ for the first time in Korea and watch marine life with any angle at Dome-type aquarium.