[June 2] Let’s meet the world: Japan

<Students gathered to support Japan on their National Day>

Japan is an island nation in East Asia and China, North Korea, South Korea, and Russia are its neighbor countries. Japan consists of 6,852 islands. This country meets the Pacific Ocean in the east. Their climate varies from tropical in south to cool temperate in north. Japan has one of the world’s largest economies. According to both UN and WHO estimates, it has the longest life expectance of any country in the world and the third lowest infant mortality rate.

Today (June 2), Japan hosts National Day at Yeosu Expo and they are offering various events to celebrate – entrance of Kaiwo Maru (the world’s largest sail training ship) to Yeosu and other special events such as Animation Event and performances to show the traditional and modern culture of Japan.

<Lots of press personnel gathered with interest in Japan’s National Day.>

<The representatives of Japanese Government (the left) and Korean Government+Yeosu Expo are shaking hands to celebrate Japan’s day in Yeosu.>

<Japanese representative is giving a celebration speech.>

Japan is participating at the Expo with a theme of “Our future is a tapestry of forest, village and sea.” The 3 zones in Japan Pavilion are well delivering the messages.

Zone 1: The Forest – Fish among the trees

Zone 2: The Sea – The story of Kai shown through “Storybook Theater”

Zone 3: The Village – the Knowledge and Technology to show efforts made by Japan to conserve the rice sea through “Linkage of Forest, Village and Sea”

Visitors can learn Japanese value on the Living Ocean and Coast, the Expo’s theme.