[Notice] Update on use of transit parking lots

[Notice] Transit Parking Lots 1 & 2 Remain in Operation

The transit parking lots aim to provide convenience to visitors driving automobiles to the Expo.

Previously, transit parking lot 3 (Yulcheon Industrial Complex) was in operation in the weekends and parking lots 4 (Suncheon Shindae) and 5 (Gwangyang Madong) were in service in the peak weekends of May and August, in addition to parking lots 1 and 2 which were in daily operation with 25,000 parking capacity.

Since the opening of the Expo, however, due to higher number of tour bus uses, the numbers of users of the parking lots were found to be consistently lower than previously expected. Considering this, the committee has decided to put parking lots 3, 4 and 5 on hold to be operated later when demands arise.

The committee plans to advise passenger vehicle drivers to use transit parking lots 1 and 2 with updated transit parking information on its website, new signposts at the parking lots and temporary road signs. Visitors can reach the Expo site in around 20 minutes from transit parking lots 1 or 2 by shuttle buses operated free of charge.

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