Preview of Japan’s National Day on June 2!

To celebrate their National Day at Yeosu Expo, Japan sets extraordinary exhibition and events.

One of the world’s largest sail training ships, Kaiwo Maru having a nick name of “the Lady of the Sea” departs Tokyo and plans to make a stop at Yeosu Expo.


The Kaiwo Maru is taking on its voyage to the Expo 16 paintings done by elementary school students from Kamaishi City, which was devastated in the Great East Japan Earthquake. The works were all awarded in an exhibition held by the Kamaishi UNESCO Association called “The Future of Our Town, Kamaishi;” accordingly, two student representatives—5th-grader Shuki Imaizumi and 6th-grader Suzu Oguni, both from Kasshi Elementary School in Kamaishi—hand-delivered the pieces to the ship’s captain Kanehito Watanabe in a departure ceremony held at Harumi Pier, Tokyo. The 16 works are scheduled to go on display at the Expo Hall in conjunction with the fete’s Japan national day, Japan Day, set for June 2. Additionally, plans are to exhibit copies of the works on the outside walls of the Japan Pavilion until the Expo closes (August 12).