[May 31] Jeollanam-do celebrated their Local Government Day!

<Korean traditional fan dance embodying a flower with Korea Traditional Music Orchestra>

JeollaNam-Do is located at the southwest of the Republic of Korea and the Expo venue, Yeosu belongs to this province. Facing China across the West Sea to its west and seeing Japan to ints southeast, making it as the center of Northeast Asia. It can be said as the starting point of the Eurasia Continent and the gateway to the Pacific. This province 1965 islands which account for 62% of Korea’s all islands.

Let’s meet their celebration stage with some photos!

<Korean traditional fan dance embodying wave>

<Exciting Drum by “Vision 21”>

<Collaboration of Samulnori and Orchestra / from the left large gong, janggo, small gong, and buk >

*Samulnori is music played on the four basic Korean percussion instruments: large and small gongs, a janggo (a harness drum), and a buk (a barrel drum).