Yeongdeok-gun’s Local Government Day

Yeongdeok-gun celebrated its Local Government’s Day at the Yeosu Expo on May 30.

Yeongdeok-gun, located at the northeast region of Gyeongsangbuk-do and belonged to Yeongnam Province, forms the boundary between Pohang-si, Uljin-gun, Yeongyang-gun, and Cheongsong-gun.

Topography Taebaek Mountains are toward the southeast, Chilbosan (Mt.) are formed. Byeonggok and Yeonghae plains formed, and Osipcheon (stream), main stream of the county, flows.

<A red point is Yeondeok-gun>

Goesiri traditional village and the famous beaches and 53km of coastline, the country’s largest specialty bracelet crab, peach, sweet, pine mushrooms are famous.

Yeongdeok-gun directed the stage of Yeongdeok court dance to celebrate its local government’s day. The court dance has been originated from Ko-ryo dynasty to wish a reign of peace by dancing with big drum made of rafts floated down with the river. Dancers surround and circle around drum. The dance is known for the most colorful and splendid court dance.

Also, there was a performance of ‘Wolwoli Chung Chung,’ which has been designated cultural asset No.36. The performance is a circle dance handed down from women to women originated from Yeongdeok-gun, Yeongdeok up, Nomuli.

Let’s meet their performaces with more photos!