Huge performances are continuously scheduled at Yeosu Expo in June.

On June 2, (at 10:00 am) Green Umbrella Children Choir consisting of 1,004 children from different ethnicities and cultures are offering a beautiful harmony to celebrate the world’s festival. 2012 Expo Yeosu Korea.

<Green Umbrella Children Choir With famous conductor Yoon Hak-won>

On June 2, (4:00 pm – 6:20 pm) Japan Korea, Korea – Japan Joint Concert where Hakase Taro (a world’s famous violinist from Japan), Gospellers (the only a cappella male group in Japan), Tokiwas Mozibe (Japanese best Shamisen – Japanese plucked string instrument – player), and K-POP stars such as Jeong Hoon Kim will hit the stage.

On June 3, (18:30 – 20:30) GS Caltex to celebrate their hosting of Corporate Day will direct a K-POP concert named Special Concert of “I am a Singer.” “I am a Singer” is a Korean popular singing competition program of MBC where only Korean top veteran singers only hit the stage. If you want to enjoy their powerful and sweet stage, go to the Floating Stage in Big-O earlier than 6:30 pm since they are very popular singers in Korea.

<7 of the best singers in Korea compete with each other on the stage>

On June 9, the line-up will be popular singers leading Korean Waves – Beast, Jay Park, and A-Pink.

<Big Wave Concert>

On June 15, Busker Busker and Lee Ssang & Jung In will hit the stage. Busker Busker is a hot rising star singing Yeosu Night Sea and Lee Ssang is one of the most popular hip hop musicians in Korea.

On June 16, K-force media will show a special K-POP star concert. Those in attendance include the world star Rain, and Hyo-shin Park. Both of them, who have fulfilled military duty, will show fantastic performances. Also very special guests of SISTAR, and 4minutes will stage on the day.

On June 19 and 26, there will be idols’ performances. Boy idols such as 2AM, B1A4, SHINee and Infinite will be the line- up for two days.