[Yeosu Project] the Yeosu Project’s second-year pilot programs

Yeosu Project is a program with a spirit of the Yeosu Declaration to demand the international responses to the situation such as pollution and overfishing where sustainable development is threatened.


The Korean government invited marine fisheries from Sri Lanka, Grenada and Tnazania come to Yeosu for a training program that begins on May 31 as a part of the Yeosu Project’s second-year pilot programs.


The Yeosu Project was pledged by the Korean government in its bid for World Expo, as an assistance program for developing nations in the field of marine environment. It represents the first case of international cooperation project aimed at supporting developing countries in their efforts to cope with marine-related challenges, which invites and educates trainees from developing countries and deploys Korean experts abroad to conduct a joint study.


The invitational training program will explore the progress made by joint research under which Korea deployed marine experts to developing countries. The program will include site visits and lectures by experts on marine technology, offering an opportunity to experience and acquire advanced marine and fisheries technologies.


The trainees will tour the Ocean & Coast Best Practice Area, the Fisheries Experience Zone, the Marine Forest, the Marine Industry & Technology Pavilion and the Theme Pavilion on June 3 and 19 to experience state-of-the-art marine and fisheries technology.


If you want to learn about the Yeosu Project more deeply, check the official web page of Yeosu Expo – http://me2.do/5C9SDGO.