[May 30] Let’s meet the world: Nicaragua

Nicaragua, officially the Republic of Nicaragua, is the largest country in the Central American isthmus (isthmus is a narrow strip of land connecting two larger land areas usually with water on the either side. The nation shares border with Honduran and Costa Rica. It meets the Pacific Ocean in the west and the Caribbean Sea in the east. The location of Nicaragua is between 11 and 14 degree north of the Equator in the Northern Hemisphere, which places it entirely within the tropics. The country has 3 distinctive physical regions – Pacific lowlands consisting of a broad, hot and fertile plain, North-central highlands of cooler climate, and Caribbean lowlands of large rainforest. The nation is well known with their abundance of biologically significant and unique ecosystems contributing to Central America’s designation as biodiversity. Also, Nicaragua is sometimes called as a country of volcanoes and lakes (Lake Managua and Lake Nicaragua).

To celebrate Nicaragua’s hosting of National Pavilion Day at Yeosu Expo, they invited their famous performance team, Nicaragua Folklore. They directed their stage with 4 types of dances showing their traditional culture and history.

Let’s meet their performaces with some photos!