“First Come First Served System” has lessened the waiting time!


Waiting time turned out to be relatively decreased to enter into 8 pavilions. As “Fist Come First Served System” has been introduced and Pavilion Reservation System was abolished, the waiting hour has been reported shorter than expected. The result of the very first day of introducing new system ‘The First Come, First Served System’ seemed pretty good.

Especially, visitors had to wait to watch aquarium, which is one of the most popular spots, more than three hours to get into in the morning. However, they could enter the aquarium within one hour as the new system applied in the afternoon.

Out of 76 Expo pavilions, 8 pavilions prepared by Korea and managed by the Organizing Committee used to be run with a reservation system. 30% of reservations were made online and the remaining 70% were placed on site through smart phone applications and kiosks by visitors on the day after their arrival. This was to reduce waiting time and promote the use of reservation in the country.

The 8 pavilions are Theme Pavilion, Korea Pavilion, Marine Life Pavilion, Climate & Environment Pavilion, Marine City & Civilization Pavilion, Marine Industry & Technology Pavilion, DSME Marine Robot Pavilion and Aquarium.

DSME Marine Robot Pavilion, which visitors prefer to watch, had the maximum waiting time until two hours thirty minutes in the morning, but it showed the waiting time dramatically reduced to one hour with the new system in the afternoon. Also those who waited for Theme Pavilion, Korea Pavilion, Marine City & Civilization Pavilion, and Marine Life Pavilion only spent about thirty minutes to tour pavilions as new system adapted.

The “First Come First Served System” has been adapted to visitors as they tour pavilions, since May 28. With this new system, visitors do not have to reserve pavilions online or on the spot to watch all the pavilions including above 8 pavilions. First comers can enter the pavilion first. The rule is very simple. However, those who have reserved pavilions in advance will be allowed to enter pavilions depending on their reservation regardless of new system.