US Music Performance Show, “Ocean Blast Fever” at night in Yeosu!

Ocean Blast Fever, a large-scale entertainment music performance show that has won a number of awards including Special Theatrical Event at 2001 Tony Awards and Best Choreography at Emmy Awards, is set to be staged in Korea for the first time at the World Ocean Festival of Yeosu Expo 2012.


Visitors can meet the following while enjoying this fantastic performance:

1)     Various genres of music including classic, jazz, pop, rock & roll and techno will be played with over 300 types of wind and percussion instruments.

2)     Exciting dance performances by the 34 music players will add another dimension of “spectacles” to the show and presents the audience with the very essence of music spectacle entertainment.


Ocean Blast Fever, which invites the audience to an array of human feelings and emotions, not through languages, but through music and various performances, is a storytelling show which welcomes viewers of all ages. The Yeosu performance is expected to be even more special with a grand stage set against the ocean.


The show will be on stage from 4th to 13th of June at the Floating Stage within the area of Big-O.