Enjoy the essence of vertical dance of France

Retouramont, a vertical dance team of France, hit the stage on May 28 at Aquarium of Yeosu Expo and will perform. Retouramont as a leader of vertival dance has toured all around the world including France and Europe to perform more than 20 years. They are also very popular in Korea and performed at ‘Hi, Seoul festival,’ ‘Chuncheon International Mime Festival,’ ‘Garden Five Party’ in the country.

Vertical dance is a shifting practice of space plains. Space practice is that performer can negotiate new borders and limits in vertical and aerial territories using a multiplicity of knowledge, sensibility and skills.

The performance is to deliver their philosophy through the body to the audience; performers connecting wires rigged to architectures show their beautiful and dynamic movements in the air.

Retouramont performs titled with ‘in vivo’, means human’s body, and interacts with the audience in opening minds to landscape of architecture, memories of residents, and invisible emotion of human to breathe new life into the death.

The performance is newly organized to the presence-performance of vertical dance project team ‘flying’ at Yeosu Expo.