“3D Theater of Aquarium” will be ready to attract visitors with new marine experience!

3D Theater of Aquarium will attract visitors with vivid marine experience from 9th June, 2012. At this new facility, visitors could feel the living ocean with various marine life forms including Expo’s top star, Beluga (white whale from Russia) with 3D images through a large screen of 500 inch. The high definition 3D image was produced by KBS (Korean Broadcasting System).

This new facility is basically built to provide a chance to experience Aquarium for those who can’t look around Aquarium due to its long waiting line. It can be expected to diffuse discontent and to resolve visitors’ curiosity regarding Aquarium tour. The Organizing Committee hopes this new facility would help more visitors to be satisfied with Expo tour!

Say hello to the big stars of the Yeosu Expo – Beluga and Baikal  seals.