[May 28] Let’s meet the world: Paraguay

Paraguay, officially the Republic of Paraguay is a landlocked country in South America and is sometimes called as “the Heart of the America” due to its central location in South America. It shares border with Bolivia, Brazil, and Argentina. Rio Paraguay divides the country in into the Eastern Paraguay and the Western Paraguay. Its climate generally ranges from subtropical to temperate and it is substantial rainfall in the eastern region and becomes semiarid in the far west.

To celebrate Paraguay’s National Pavilion Day at the Yeosu Expo, a very special guest came over. Mr. President of the Republic of Paraguay, Fernando Lugo visited Yeosu and hosted their national day. It is the first time for the President of a country to visit Yeosu.

<The President of the Republic of Paraguay is addressing a celebration speech.>

Now, let’s meet their cultural events through some photos!

<The singer showed soft and exotic stage with Hispanic music.>

<Passionate singer’s music always makes audience become “one.”>

<Paraguay’s amazing traditional performance>

<Finally, Paraguay Pavilion introduced their country through a video. The audience was all attracted by their country.>