Let’s meet “Water Racing with Love” with photos on May 27!

Staffs of the Sweden Pavilion are promoting their charity event, “Water Racing with Love.”

Water and buckets will play as a money box. The greater the amount of carried water, the more donations will be made.

Children in the panel are appealing their children friends to participate in the event!

Look at the cute little hands of children who are dipping water with a bucket! How beautiful and warm they are! Their hands are making us smile.

Children and their parents are carrying the bucket with water to UN Pavilion. H&M, a Swedish company will donate 10,000,000 won (approximate 8,500 US dollars) at most and the amount of money should be directly proportional to the amount of carried water by children.

Guess who joined today’s charity event, “Water Racing with Love!”

The answer is Swedish world-renowned skier, Anja Pärson. She is now called a queen of skiing and an icon of Swedish sports.

She is telling the children the importance of sharing what we have to others.

All the children who participated in the event listened to her and learned how to share with their global friends in countries which suffer from insufficient and inadequate water.

If you visit the Expo, don’t forget to visit Sweden Pavilion having warm heart. You can meet “Open Sweden” at the Expo!