Introduction of Main Children Programs

There are educational and exciting programs prepared for children visitors where children can participate themselves.

Parents coming too Yeosu Expo with your children, check the following programs and the schedule here and brings your children to Children Theater to enjoy these programs!

1)    Beattleggabi

Beattleggabi is a musical for all generation from grandparents to little children. Beattleggabi is the fantasy world ogres from music world, which gives mystery and curiosity to. Beattleggabi’s ogre band makes all the natural objects to a sound or a rhythm. They were having many great days from Beatleggabi sound, but one day, fat ogre, “Mukggabi” and talkative ogre “Ddokggabi” made a mistake by waking a spirit, inside Sori-mountain, up and starting a journey to find the sound…

It is available between 12th May and 1st June and will be showing 21 times.

2)    Dung Dung Koong Ta Goong (Puppet Show)

Dung Dung Koong Ta Goong is a puppet show for children, which MC, who is a taffy seller, performs Korean traditional music. This is directed and performed by Yong-Suk Cho, along with 5 other actors; Yoon-Jin Cho, Soon-e Choi, Eun-Jung Moon, Bora Kim and Joo-Hee Lee.

It is available between 2nd June and 15th June and will be showing 14 times.

3)    Teeth

Teeth is children English musical which is collapsing Kingdom of Decaying Teeth and living in bright world. It is a journey to meet Teeth Prince from Teeth Kingdom, whom they have never met before.

It is available between 2nd July and 17th July and will be showing 16 times.

4)    Cloud Bread (English Version)

Cloud Bread is children English musical from best seller storybook, which provides solid story and heart-warm images. [English Musical: Cloud Bread in Playground], which includes heart-warm story and familiar English folk songs, makes English natural and fun play.

It is available between 1st August and 12th August and will be showing 12 times.

5)    Children Nanta Experience

<The poster says, Chidren Nanta Experience.>

Children Nanta Experience is an event for children to experience Nanta. Children Nanta Experience will open the closed ear of our family and also gives strength to our huddled up body and mind. The aim is to raise children’s sensitivity as high as their dream by making the sound of their heart and footstep into music.

It is available for 93 times, between 12th May and 12th August.

6)    Garuya Garuya (Powder Show)

<The poster says “Garuya Garuya.”>

Garuya Garuya is a powder show for children, to play around with flour. Available programs are; walking flour road, drawing flour picture, making flour fairytale village, soft flour play, making special bread for myself, kneading sticky dough, Land of Wheat Flour, Wheat Flour swimming pool, compressing wheat flour and wheat flour musical performance.

It is available for 93 times, between 12th May and 12th August.

Note) The schedule mentioned above can be altered depending on unpredictable conditions on the spot.