Enjoy the sea at night in Yeosu with Harmony Cruise!

On 11th May, in order to celebrate successful opening of 2012 Yeosu Expo, Korean’s first orthodox cruise, Harmony Cruise, has specially opened between Busan and Yeosu. Now, they are opening “Yeosu Expo Remembrance Open Cruise” between 28th May and 1st July.

After sailing off from Yeosu Expo, passengers will be staying a night at a sea and will return to Yeosu next day morning. Once passengers board in to Open Cruise, they will be able to experience Gala-dinner and performances on the ship. Also, accommodations and world class hotel meals are provided to passengers. Prices are minimum 300,000 won (VAT and Service Charge excluded) for 2 people. If Gala-dinner is excluded, prices are minimum 220,000 won (VAT and Service Charge excluded).

Harmony Cruise’s Open Cruise is a cruise package which is similar program to Club Harmony’s standard package, but reduced to 2 days. This is planned to give opportunity to enjoy voyage conveniently in Korea, and they are planning to continue to develop the package.

Harmony Cruise Inc.’s Club Harmony contains 383 rooms and can hold up to 1,000 passengers. They have many facilities such as; outdoor swimming pool, large cinema, luxurious restaurant, fitness club, spa etc. Also, they offer entertainment programs such as; big band swing show, dance lesson, board game etc.

This chance will bring an opportunity of special experiences to Yeosu Expo spectators.

For reservation and enquiries: 1600-1073