Get discounts with Yeosu Expo tickets!

You will be granted special favor by purchasing Expo tickets.

Anyone who purchased Yeosu Expo tickets will get a 30% discount of train fare heading to Yeosu Expo station, Sun-cheon station, and Yeo-cheon station. The average weekday’s fare of KTX leaving Seoul to Yeosu Expo is KRW 42,800, but you only pay KRW 30,000 with your ticket. Trains heading to Yeosu Expo run to and fro twenty times a day including weekend.

Fare of airport trains connecting the Incheon International Airport Railroad and Seoul station will be discounted by 30%. If you want to get reduction on the price, you need to show the tickets or download documents mentioned about discounts at

Also you can get 10% discounts of any products at marine products market located in Nam-san dong, Yeosu with your ticket as well as you can enjoy traditional culture festivals at Gwanghalu garden, and Chun-hyang theme park for free until August 12.

You can make a reservation of tickets at Yeosu Expo official homepage (  and online retailer, interpark ( and purchase at Korail stations, E-marts, Industrial bank of Korea, and Shinsegae Department Stores.