Come to Yeosu Expo, where freedom and romance lie!

Yeosu, the host for worldwide festival, is currently a hot place for people not just in Korea, but internationally. Variety of culture arts, technology for future, etc is attracting many people to Yeosu. Also, considering many tired people, who experienced astonishing and attractive events, in Yeosu Expo, many rest places are provided, including benches and shades, where visitors can interact with natures and rest at the same time.

At the right side of Plaza, there is a Cruise Park, right beside the seaside. Many tourists are greeted at the park. Especially,  Dolsangat flower is in full blossom and placed at the wide field and ears of Korean flours are waving freely in the field.

<Cruise Park surrounded by Dolsangat flowers>

One of visitors from Suwon said, “I came long way to see this Expo, but my tiredness was washed away, once I have seen the exhibitions and natures, such as, flowers and seaside”.

At the park, there is a Cruise Terminal, where foreign cruises enter this port often. Expo site is best place to see large ships, ready to enter Gwang-Yang, Korean national park called Odong-do, and Namhae County as a whole.

Furthermore, there is a life-time experience to produce renewable energies at Energy Park.

At the corner of the road between Expo site and Odong-do, there is an Expo Park, where variety of flowers and Korean traditional crops attract many spectators. At the park, there are crops such as; wheat, barley, oats, buckwheat and flowers, such as; zinnia, gladiolus, lily.

<Expo Park>

It is a place, where teenagers can learn by observing Korean traditional crops and for elderly people, bringing back old memories of their hometown. Spectators can easily enter and exit the Expo Park as it is located outside of Expo site, and entry is free for everyone.