Call center workers share 5 most frequent questions.

Even though the Organizing Committee for Expo 2012 Yeosu Korea currently has almost 30 workers in call center, the line is always busy. Some people might feel uncomfortable because of that. Now, we are about to sharing the most frequent questions that workers from call center tell us. Please check the following in advance.

Q1. Do I need to pay for each pavilion?

No, you don’t. The ticket price is KRW 33,000 for an adult. If you purchase a ticket, you will be able to get in most of pavilions, facilities without extra charge. Thus, it is not right information that visitors have to pay each pavilion and facility.

Q2. Is an aquarium ticket refundable?

No, it isn’t. If you already passed a ticket gate of aquarium, the ticket will not be refundable. We ask you to be excused inconvenience as the aquarium is one of the most popular exhibition halls. However, aquarium will still be open after Yeosu Expo, and person who has the ticket will be given preferential treatment.

Q3. Which roads do I take to Yeosu downtown?

Route 17, which is newly constructed, between Jusam IC to the Tuttle ship bridge is restricted for cars during the expo. But it is always possible that goes into downtown taking old roads. And you can take a city bus connecting the expo and downtown for free.

Q4. Am I Unable to gain admittance to the Expo without reservation?

Yes, you are. Even though advance reservation has been closed, tickets can be purchased on site. And you can watch seven pavilions among eight pavilions without reservation after 6p.m. However, aquarium is only admitted for person who made advance reservation and makes a reservation on-site.

Q5. Is it allowed that one person reserves tickets for twenty persons?

No, it isn’t. Some people make bad use of re-entry system. That is, one person who made an advance reservation makes an entry into the expo and then reserves on site for the remainder of the group. However, you will not allowed to get into again if you do not get stamp back of your hand to re-enter