“Water Racing with Love” sponsored by Sweden, H&M, and UN on May 27

On May 27, water racing between Sweden Pavilion and UN Pavilion is going to be held in the Yeosu Expo site. This charity event where child visitors should participate in is sponsored by Sweden, H&M, and UN.

How to contribute more money to those countries where water supply is insufficient?

If you bring your children on May 27, let them know this great chance to help their global friends by participating in this charity event. Child participants will carry a certain amount of water using a bucket in front of Sweden Pavilion which is located in “A” Block of international sector on the 1st floor. The more children participate in, the more contribution is made. H&M will donate 10,000,000 won (approximate 8,500 US dollars) at most and the amount of money should be directly proportional to the amount of carried water by children.

The contribution will be used to help undeveloped country where people suffer from inadequate water or insufficient water.

– Venue: Sweden Pavilion (at “A” Block of international sector on the 1st floor within the Expo site)

– Hour & Date: 2:00pm – 3:00 pm on May 27, 2012

Who will show up to join “Water Racing with Love?”

Swedish world-renowned skier, Anja Pärson, is supposed to join the event and help participating children carry more water. Prior to the event, she will talk to children about the importance of “sharing what we have to others” and her value of life.

What kind of company are you, H&M?

H&M is a Swedish company and since 2002 they have sponsored WaterAid which is an international NGO and is dedicated to helping people escape the poverty and disease caused by living without safe water and sanitation. Also, they have a collection named as “H&M For Water” and donate 25% of profits regarding this collection.

What do you know about the Kingdom of Sweden?

The Kingdom of Sweden have spent 1% of gross national income in aiding other poor countries, which makes them to be first ranked in evaluating Commitment to Development Index. They are going to discuss the sustainable environment and the efficiency of port through seminar and discussion during the period of Yeosu Expo.

They are operating Sweden Pavilion under the theme of “Open Sweden.” Not only various cultural events but also a charity event is offered by them, through which visitors can meet the Kingdom of Sweden with open minds, open hearts, and open space.