[May 25] Let’s meet the world: Argentina

Argentina, officially the Argentina Republic is a country in South America. It is 8th largest nation in the world by the area and largest among Spanish –speaking nations. Paraguay, Bolivia, Brazil, Uruguay, and Chile share border with Argentina. It meets the Atlantic Ocean in the east and the Andes mountain range in the west. Its climate is mostly temperate ranging from sub-tropical in the north to sub-polar in the far south.

Argentina hosted their National Pavilion Day today (May 25). They directed their celebration stage with “Aires de Buenos Aires” which is choreographed by Cecilia Milan. This stage was specially created for release within the Expo on behalf of the Argentina. The show delighted audiences with their new tango show of Iñaki Urlezaga who is an Argentine classical dancer of international significance. In Aires de Tango, the audience could find a show with choreographed of tango but with Iñaki’s seal. This work demonstrated the technical flow that Iñaki Urlezaga consolidated in the course of his career, but also a sense of interpretation developed in a joint effort with the Company and Hwaum Chamber Orchestra.

Tango, the music and lyrics, is Argentina’s musical symbol. It was selected as Masterpieces of the Oral and Intangible Heritage of Humanity by UNESCO in 2009.



Their Pavilion has been loved by visitors with their interior embodying waves, exhibitions on beautiful ocean, and traditional foods and wine. Their tango performances are being held at their pavilion and audience can enjoy it with Argentina music.

<Visitors sitting on the floor are enjoying tango performance in Argentina Pavilion>