[May 25] ChungcheongBuk-Do celebrated their local government’s day at the Yeosu Expo!

ChungcheongBuk-Do is the only landlocked province in South Korea with soft and beautiful mountain and plain. Due to their geographical merit as the center of the nation, they are building new cities currently. They have focused their business on bio technology, semiconductor, next-generation cell industry, and parts & material industry.

To celebrate their local government’s day at the Expo, ChungcheongBuk-Do directed their stage with a rowing performance and a play at Tent Theater. Cheerleading dancers performed the rowing performance, with the rowing theme song, “Rowing the World.” Also, as a part of the rowing performance, a music video whose background is a beautiful lake, Chungju Lake was introduced.  As the second part of their celebration stage, a local troupe showed a play named as “Run, the young!”

<A singer is singing the rowing theme song.><Cheer-leading dancers are performing.>

<Run, the young!>