Bill Viola will meet you at the Yeosu Expo (May 26 – August 12)!

A special art exhibition of Bill Viola will meet the visitors at the Yeosu Expo. An American world’s media artist, Bill Viola is famous for his lyrical art works which help humans introspect. His media works creating images regarding life and death, time and space, and human and nature enable us to think deeply.

During the Expo, the Tristan Project will be exhibited. This art work is a series of images created after Bill Viola was inspired with <Tristan and Isolde>, an opera by Richard Wagner based largely on the romance.

<“Fire Woman” shows two women walking toward the fire and then their ambition and burning passion just remain as traces.>

<“Tristan’s Ascension” shows the image of death and resurrection as sacred/religious dialogue.>

Visitors can meet his special media art work at “A” Block of the 3rd floor of International Section in the Expo site from May 26 to August 12.