[May 24] Let’s meet the world: Ecuador

Ecuador, officially the Republic of Ecuador, is a representative democratic republic in South America. It shares border with Colombia and Peru and meets the Pacific Ocean in the west. Its weather is generally tropical along the coast and in Amazonian jungle lowlands but becomes cooler at higher altitude.

Ecuador is a wealth country when it comes to diversity in nature and culture. 1,600 bird species on the mainland and 38 more in the Galapagos Islands, 15,901 species of plants, 70,000 species of insects in Ecuadorean jungle, and an estimated 324 species of mammals have been found. Though Ecuador consists of just 0.19% of the total surface of the earth, they host more than 10% of all the vertebrates in the world. That is why Ecuador is classified as mega-diverse by Conservation International. Within 5 hours of journey in Ecuador, you can go from frozen tundra to hot and sandy beaches, from volcanic plateaus to wonderful estuaries and mangroves. Ecuador is a culturally diverse country where 14 native languages and 17 different ethnic groups exist. Its capital is Quito which is a World Heritage Site by UNESCO for having the best preserved and least altered historic center in Latin America. Besides, they have Galapagos Islands, a World Natural Heritage Site declared by UNESCO, where Charles Darwin’s Theory of Evolution was born.

This amazing country hosted their National Pavilion Day at the Yeosu Expo today (May 24). They directed their celebrating stage with their beautiful and cheerful rhythm and mystic Andean music. “Poder Negro” and “Kawsay” attracted visitors with their pleasant stage!

Visitors can meet Ecuador Pavilion at the Pacific Joint Pavilion in International Section B at the Expo site. Their country brand, “Ecuador Ama la Vida” meaning “Ecuador loves life,” is founded upon their people’s value on the importance of preserving the environment in order to achieve real quality of life improvement for them. Accordingly, their pavilion sets their main theme as “Shark” and “YASUNI-ITT Initiative” which delivers a message of the importance of life and of the environmental preservation. YASUNI-ITT fund which was created in 2007 and is managed by UN. All funds collected are going toward the development and implementation of projects that generate alterative, clean, renewable energy. This is Ecuador’s support for the fight against global warming, to preserve the extraordinary high biodiversity and also protect the ancestral lifestyle of indigenous non-contacted cultures that still live in Yasuni National Park.