[May 24] Daegu celebrated their local government’s day at the Yeosu Expo!

<The pink region is Daegu Metropolitan City.>

Daegu is one of the metropolitan cities in the Republic of Korea located in south eastern Korean Peninsula about 80 km from the seacoast. It is 4th largest city after Seoul, Busan, and Incheon and the 3rd largest metropolitan area in the country with over 2.5 million residents. It is also one of international city where around 21,524 foreigners are reported to live. This city is strong in such industries as fashion and textiles, machinery and optical products. Recently, the city also has promoted the industries of IT (Information Technology), BT (Biotechnology) and NT (Nano Technology).

Daegu celebrated their local government day with a variety of stages of both Korean and international – percussion performance (ASURA), female solo by Soyeon Park who is an opera singer and Yoonkyung Lee who is a soprano, Korean traditional dance, “Incanto Solist Ensemble,” and etc. Percussion Perfomance, “ASURA” attracted audience with extraordinary play skills and various performances. Asura is a Hindi goddess with 3 faces and 6 arms. Soyeon Park, an opera singer hit the stage with “Think of me” from the Phantom of the Opera and “Only Vengeance” from Turandot. Daegu Metropolitan Traditional Music Orchestra performed “HwaSeonMu” meaning dancing like a flower and a fan. “Incanto Solist Ensemble” sang both Korean folk song and “O Sole Mio.” Audience and VIP were moved by Eastern & Western cultural performances.