Try new type of staying in Yeosu!

If you have difficulty in finding right accommodation, you can consider new type of accommodation while you stay in Yeosu. There are alternative accommodations which are open to foreign visitors.

Home-stay type accommodation where English, Chinese, and Japanese service is available is ready to meet visitors from foreign countries. If you want to reserve your rooms at this type of accommodation, you can call at 82-61-921-3233 or go check You can use the rooms at price of 30,000 won/night (approximate 26 US dollars) if you stay in Home-stay.

There are available rooms at camping car campsite and Temple-stay which are open to foreign visitors as well. Especially, if you choose Templestay while in Yeosu, you can experience asceticism life style of Korean Buddhist monks.

Go to and check the boxes of Homestay, Homestay in traditional Korean house, Camping car campsite, and Templestay if you would like to experience unusual stay while enjoying the Expo.