How to enjoy Yeosu Expo: Tips & Q&A

Tip1. Get a guide map and Check the schedule of cultural events

Go to the information center located right after the entrance and get a guide map. It will tell you where the places you want to go are located. Also, if you do not want to miss wonderful performances, then check the schedule of performances of the day and it will be very useful.

Tip2. Make a schedule considering the flow of your movement

Some pavilions such as Korea Pavilion, Marine Life Pavilion, Aquarium, and Marine Industry & Technology Pavilion are open only for visitors who have reserved in advance. So if you have made a reservation on morning time, please visit those pavilions first and then go to International Pavilions and Corporate Pavilions which do not need reservation.

Tip3. Use a shade on sunny day

Fantastic performances are staged everyday at Ocean Plaza and Corporate Plaza. But if you worry about hot sun exposure, we want you to make happy with shades and benches ready for you. You can enjoy performances by avoiding hot sun as shades and benches provided outside plazas will give you a cool shade.



Q1. Where can I rent a wheelchair or a stroller?

You can find a rental right next to the information center. It will rent you a wheelchair, a stroller, and a parasol. Also, you can keep your heavy bags or something valuables.

Q2. Do you provide service to charge a cellphone?

If your cellphone is out of battery, you can charge it for free at U-service center inside information center. Also we provide you a cellphone charge service at 1st floor of International Pavilion block B as well as you can use PC for free.

Q3. Where is a lost-and-found?

If you lost something important, please go to a lost-and-found at 1st floor of International Pavilion block B.

Q4. Do you have a water fountain?

You may easily feel thirsty very often on sunny day. You do not need to buy a bottle of water all the time because we have prepared water fountains near every food court.

Q5. Is it allowed to re-enter after enjoying tour spots outside Expo?

Yes. But it is only allowed one time.

If you want to go sightseeing near Expo, O-dong Island will be one of good places to visit. O-dong Island is located next to Gate 1 (Odong-do Is.) Also, some places such as Energy-park, Hamel park, and Jong-po Ocean park will only take about 20 minutes.