Korea-China Joint Maritime Exercise on Oil Spill and Counter-Terrorism

Korea-China joint exercise on oil spill prevention was conducted in the ocean of Yeosu, as part of the effort to enhance response capabilities to maritime pollution in Northeast Asia and for a safe and successful operation of Expo 2012 Yeosu Korea. 

The exercise involved two helicopters, 3,000-ton coast guard training ship, 32 vessels including Chinese emergency response vessel (HAI TE 071, 994t), 1,180-meter long oil fence and 6 oil skimmers, and 450 service personnel. It began with counter-terrorism exercise which was set against a scenario of a passenger ship kidnapped by terrorists. The joint drill was followed by lifesaving exercise, marine pollution prevention and a sea parade.

The joint exercise was carried out as part of regional cooperation program on oil spill prevention of Northwest Pacific Action Plan (NOWPAP). The NOWPAP, one of regional maritime programs by the United Nations Environment Program, is a maritime environmental action plan signed by Korea, China, Japan and Russia to promote sustainable use and development of the Northwest Pacific region. More details on maritime environment protection efforts by the NOWPAP can be found at the Ocean & Coast Best Practice Area, located on the 2nd floor of Theme Pavilion at the Expo site.

To realize the theme of the Yeosu Expo, the Living Ocean and Coast, Yeosu Expo plans to make lots of issues to the world and visitors to the Expo.