[May 17] Let’s meet the world: Gambia

The Republic of the Gambia is a country in West Africa and is the smallest one in the continent of Africa. It is surrounded by Senegal and its coastline meets the Atlantic Ocean in the west. Its weather is tropical and the nation has rainy season from June to November and dry season from November to May. The Gambia gained its independence from the UK in 1965. Its economy is dominated by farming, fishing, and tourism.

To celebrate their National Pavilion Day on May 17, the Gambia directed their celebrating stage with a professional dancing team, Babilimansa. They have built their stage career for more than 20 years. Their stage was composed of the Gambia’s court musicians and a troubadour called as Griot. It was an African indigenous performance with their traditional instruments.

<Mr. Almami Fanding Tall, the chairman of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry, hosted their National Pavilion Day.>

<The traditional music performance by Gambia’s professional team, Babilimansa>