[May 17] Various performances by Hyundai Motor Group Pavilion

Hyundai Motor Group Pavilion is offering a variety of performances/events and visitors have been fascinated by their well-made and exciting performances.

<The exterior of the Hyundai Motor Group Pavilion>

u  “Dream of Humoro”

A robot named as Humoro and professional dancers are performing near Hyundai Motor Group Pavilion every day. Humoro is a complex word coming from Humanity + Mobility + Robot. Their performance presents the corporate vision of that Hyundai leads a new world with new energy for humans.

Especially, the finale, “Going together for a better future,” is loved by visitors since they can enjoy the dancing parade as if they enjoy world carnival.

u  “Fantastic Magic Show”

For visitors who accompany their family of diverse age ranges, Hyundai Motor Group Pavilion prepared magic contents which are composed of bubble show and magic show at main stage. Visitors can enjoy Fantastic Magic Show while they are waiting to enter the pavilion as well.

u  “Musical K-POP Show

Musical K-POP Show which was directed by one of Korean best musical choreographers is a kind of gift set where visitors can enjoy both a beloved musical “Number” and K-POP songs. For 2 weeks from May 15, this show will meet visitors.

u  “Live Music Station”

Live Music Station is a music showcase which would get visitors make memory of Yeosu’s night. For this show, Korean best musician are invited, they talk their life and passion for their music, and sing their hit songs in front of visitors. Every weekend, every visitor will be able to enjoy live music talk show.

During May, a total of 240 performances will be offered to visitors as well as their exhibition contents by Hyundai Motor Group Pavilion. If you love music, remember the Hyundai Pavilion.