[May 15] Let’s meet the world: Armenia

Republic of Armenia (official name) hosted National Pavilion Day on May 15. Armenia is a landlocked, mountainous country located at the crossroads of Western Asia and Eastern Europe. It is bordered by Turkey, Georgia, and Iran. This country prides itself regarding world’s first adoption of Christianity (early 4th century) as formal religion.

<The lighter colored region is Armenia. Yerevan is its capital.>

Though the celebrating ceremony of their hosting of National Pavilion Day was short, related personnel participated and delivered their message regarding the sustainable development of humans and envornment.

At Expo 2012 Yeosu Korea, Armenia Pavilion presents a unique WORLDLAB which is a new global communication project. WORLDLAB is a creative cluster of the future, where a new world is born. At this new world, every human can become a source of innovation progress. Armenia proposes a new civilization standard where humans offer original ways of researching the “past” and developing new horizons of the “future.” The idea basically lies in opening new thinking horizons to the humanity, offering non-standard solutions to the world global issues as well as new strategies for the development. Future algorithms on interaction between digital and biological organisms, civil codes of Armenian nation and the formation of new planetary perspectives are presented through WORLDLAP. The Yeosu Expo offers the first chance to see the Armenian new approach which can change the world.