[May 14] Let’s meet the world: Norway

Today, Norway hosted National Pavilion Day at the Expo Hall. To celebrate Norway’s National Pavilion Day, the crown prince of Norway, Haakon, visited Korea and graced the occasion with his presence.
 < The crown prince, Haakon and the chairman for the Organizing Committee joined the flag hoisting ceremony announcing the day of Norwegian Pavilion>

Then a joint concert under a theme of “Music brings people together.” was also held to celebrate their National Pavilion’s day with Norwegian famous singer-songwriter, Haddy N’Jie, famous hip hop musician, Lido Lido, and Korean popular soulful singer, BMK, made the powerful and exciting stage and enabled visitors from all over the world to become one. Korea and Norway built more firm friendship through this joint concert.

<Haddy N’Jie Band is performing.>

<Lido Lido who was selected as top 10 noticeable hip hop musicians in the world in 2011 by Rolling Out, a hip hop magazine, is singing.>

<BMK who is famous for her stages at “I am a Singer” is singing.>

<Joint concert by BMK, Haddy N’Jie Band, and Lido Lido>

After their concert, he enjoyed watching the Expo.

<The crown prince of Haakon hosted today’s event.>

Norway Pavilion is designed to deliver a message of “Sustainable Ocean Activity.” They exhibit their newest technology regarding ship-building and eco-friendly energy. Especially, it is said that visitors like their exhibition concept which invites visitors for an interactive trip from Korea to Yeosu. Norway pays attention to Green Marine Transport, Green Coast, and Green Ocean, and clean energy and hopes to realize the era of “the Living Ocean and Coast” which is the theme of the Yeosu Expo.