[May 13] Let’s meet the world: Brunei Darussalam

One of the over 100 countries which participate in the EXPO 2012 Yeosu Korea, Brunei Darussalam hosted “National Pavilion Day” at the Expo Hall on May 13 (today).

This country is located on the north coast of the Island of Borneo in Southeast Asia. Its weather is tropical and it is well known for its emerald ocean and mosque.

Let’s see some photos of their performances.

<Male singers in splendid costumes are singing Solla Rabbuna>

Solla Rabbuna has been an orally transmitted song from merchants from 14th century and its beautiful lyrics are about praising their god, Allah, and its messengers.

<Female dancers are performing Alai Ashik>

Alai means dancing and Ashik means charming. Like its name their dance as well as costumes were charming. It has been performed for more than 600 years, according to them.

<The third performance was ” Alus Jua Dindang”>

 It is a serenade for bride and groom who are getting married. It was very romantic stage expressing bride and groom’s caring love.

Their pavilion is designed to demonstrate how wise stewardship and careful resource development can help maintain and restore the abundance and richness of its coastal and marine ecosystems. Under the theme of “Forests to Reefs: Sustainable Biodiversity,” Brunei Darussalam Pavilion showcases their country as nature’s treasure trove focusing on its rich tropical rainforest and diverse sea life. Each corner of the pavilion demonstrates distinctive features of Brunei Darussalam’s forest dwellers, different types of forests and its colorful sea life. Sustainable development of humans and marine eco-system is not more a dream but an emerging reality in Brunei Darussalam.