[1 day to go] Let’s celebrate the beginning of the global festival, the Yeosu Expo!

Just one day is left to go for the Yeosu Expo. The world’s largest festival in the first half of 2012 has begun tonight (May 11, 2012). The world’s first opening festival over the ocean was held with a theme of “the Dreaming Ocean.” Visitors could preview the theme of the Yeosu Expo, the Living Ocean and Coast, while enjoying the beautiful night of Yeosu.

For the opening festival, around 2,400 people including the President Lee, Myung-bak, the First Lady, and lots of VIPs from Korea and foreign countries were invited to celebrate the opening of the world’s festival. The festival on the eve was composed of pre-ceremonial event, the official ceremony, and post-ceremonial performances.

<President Lee is waving his hand on the way to go the festival venue.>

At the pre-ceremonial event, there was an orchestra concert named as “Ocean Concert” by Wind Orchestra. They played “Waltz of Spring,” “a Sea Symphony,” etc. At the official ceremony named as “Sharing the ocean,” “Vinari” with which invitees could appreciate Korean traditional beauty was performed by 40 dancers. Then, the ceremony was followed by the entrance of the flag bearers from participating countries, welcoming & congratulatory speeches, and the official declaration of the opening of the Yeosu Expo. Finally, IU’s stage with the theme song of the Yeosu Expo (Stories told by the Sea), K-pop performance in the form of a musical by Big Bang and 2NE1, and a chorus with world’s famous prima donna, Su-mi Cho will onsisted of the post-ceremonial performances.

 <Parade of national flags of participant countries>

<K-POP performance>

Needless to say, “Big-O Show” was tonight’s highlight. This show which was composed of fountain show, fireworks show, and laser show attracted the invitees using a water screen, “The-O.” During the whole period of the Expo, visitors can enjoy a variety of shows/performances including this show every day.

<Big-O Show>

At the first onset, the opening festival was lively broadcasting through KBS 1 at 6:00pm and 7:00pm on May 11. Twenty exhibition pavilions including Theme Pavilion and 104 participant countries are fully ready to welcome visitors. It is about time to enjoy the Yeosu Expo and learn the importance of the Living Ocean and Coast.