[2 days to go] Sub-Theme Pavilions 2: the Climate & Environment Pavilion

Along with Marine Industry & Technology Pavilion, Marine City & civilization Pavilion, and Marine Life Pavilion, Climate & Environment Pavilion is one of Sub-Theme Pavilions which are designed to highlight the theme of the Yeosu Expo (the Living Ocean and Coast). The Climate & Environment Pavilion directing the ocean as a moderator of the environmental changes happening on the Earth delivers a message of that humans have to protect the ocean to overcome/prevent climate changes threatening humans’ survival.

To help visitors understand the threatening climate changes, this pavilion has prepared several films and experience zones. From the lobby, visitors can learn the importance of the ocean as a carbon storehouse, the climate to manifest the cycle/flow of the atmosphere and the ocean current, and the ocean’s capability to purify CO2 through films.

At the first exhibition hall, visitors can meet 2 experience programs, which are the Blizzard Ice Tunnel and Arctic Glacier Experience section. Blizzard is a severe snowstorm characterized by strong winds of 40-60m/sec and low temperature (around 10 to 20 below zero). When visitors enter into the Blizzard Ice Tunnel which is built with real ice, visitors have to walk against the re-created blizzard. After visitors walk through the tunnel, they meet Arctic Glacier Experience section where visitors can realize the reality of the Arctic in crisis. Global warming has accelerated melting glaciers and throwing polar region’s ecosystem into chaos. The polar region is the most affected area by the global warming on the Earth and visitors can learn this reality from what polar bears in the Arctic are facing.

<Blizzard Ice Tunnel> <An igloo at Arctic Glacier Experience section> <Polar bears in crisis at Arctic Glacier Experience section>

The second exhibition hall prepares Multi-Channel Integrated Media Multiplex. At this multiplex, polar bears introduce a hypothetical scenario showing the future Earth of 2050 where the global warming will have been remaining. In the scenario, the temperature will rise by 6 degree more than now. Visitors could learn the seriousness of global warming and climate change with animated film through a circular screen on the wall.

<Example of the animation at the second exhibition hall>

The Climate & Environment Pavilion which presents the vision of sustainable ocean is ready to appeal visitors to fulfill low-carbon life styles to realize the green growth for the healthy ocean.