[3 days to go] All about Ticket for the Yeosu Expo

Here is all you need to know regarding the ticket for the Yeosu Expo.

First, there are 3 categories to classify tickets which are Standard Day Pass, Peak Day Pass, and Discount Pass. The monetary unit applies to KRW (approximate US dollar).


  1. Standard Day Pass: can be used for one day during the expo period including weekdays, weekends, and holiday but not on peak days
  2. Peak Day Pass: only available on peak day
     – Peak days : the opening day, 5/12-13
                        holiday in Korea(Buddha’s day), 5/26~28
                        the closing day, 8/11~12
  3. Group Pass: only applicable to cases in which 30 or more Passes are purchased
  4. 2-Day/3-Day Pass: can be used on consecutive 2 days and 3 days respectively and cannot be used on peak days
  5. Whole Season Pass: valid for the whole period of the expo including peak days and non-refundable

Especially, you have to pick your first visit day carefully when you buy 2-Day or 3- Day Pass. With your 2-Day or 3-Day Pass, you can enter on the day before the peak day but not on the following day. (e.g. If your first entry day is May 25, you can enter on May 25 but not on May 26.)

Go check at http://me2.do/xy8HvXa if you want to reserve/purchase tickets online!