[5 days to go] The 2nd & 3rd Rehearsals: The Expo 2012 Yeosu Korea is fully ready!

The Yeosu Expo has prepared the successful hosting through 3 rehearsals. On the spot, a number of domestic and foreign people gathered to experience the Expo ahead of time and Yeosu became excited with their interest and curiosity.

Let’s see some photos of the heated spot!

<People passing in the middle of the International Pavilion (under the Expo Digital Gallery) on the day of 1st rehearsal.>

<A Chinese reporter in shooting with cheering children in orange>  


<Visitors can enjoy a variety of street performances like these pictures, 90times per day which is totally 8,000 times!>

<Korean traditional percussion quartet performance, Samulnori>

<During the expo, visitors also can enjoy a Korean circle dance,         Gangkang Suwollae, themselves.>

Let’s see some pictures of the inside of several pavilions.

<The Marine Civilization & City Pavilion presents the history of the marine culture.>

<This is the one of attractions in Ocean and Coast Best Practice Area.>

<This is the Marine Industry & Technology Pavilion which is one of the sub-theme pavilions. The theme of this pavilion is realization of the blue economy through marine industry and technology.>

Finally, the most popular facility in Yeosu was the Aquarium during the rehearsals. See some pictures inside the Aquarium.

<This is the Eco-Terrarium zone named as “Aqua Forest.” Its whole picture came from the Amazon Forest.>

<This is the Marine Life zone where visitors can enjoy various marine lives from the 5 oceans.>

<360-degree aqua dome>

Yeosu Expo raised 3,000 (around 2.5 US dollars) won per visitor as a special entrance fee and a total of 140,000 tickets were sold on the 3rd rehearsal (May 5). All the profits were donated to UNICEF to help children all over the world.

<The panel says, “The Yeosu Expo donates a total of 425,485,000 won to UNICEF for children’s fund.”>

5 days are left to go as of today and staffs are all making multilateral efforts to satisfy all the visitors. After the three rehearsals, we are now more prepared and making sure everything alright.

<Staffs are welcoming the visitors at the Main Gate.>