[6 days to go] In regarding safety issue, the Yeosu Expo is making assurance double sure!

In addition to creating exciting, fantastic, and meaningful attractions for visitors, there is one more thing that the Yeosu Expo is doing their best. That is the safety. Actually, it is the top priority for them. You can see what they are doing against possible dangerous situations through some pictures today.

There was training for counter-terrorism on April 27 in Yeosu to prepare the perfect hosting of the Yeosu Expo. This training included a variety of forms such as extinguishing fire, suppressing terrorist, exposing/suppressing enemy’s submarine, etc. Visitors on the spot could watch Lynx Helicopter which was used for Operation Dawn of Gulf Aden, F-16 fighter plane, and coast guard vessels.

<The police are on the go to suppress terrorists who occupy the passenger boat.>

<Special agents are detecting possible enemy’s submarine.>

 <The special agents are suppressing terrorists.>

<The special agents are detecting suspicious bomb using newest detecting appliance.>

<A person is being rescued.>

 <Fires are being extinguished.>

In spite of efforts to prevent the onset of dangerous or terrifying situations, there always exists a possibility to happen in reality. Accordingly, a fire station and a police station are located next to the Expo site (2 minutes away) and another police box is in the Expo site. Whenever something dangerous or emergent happens, they will rush to the spot as soon as possible.

<This is the front view of the police box.>

<Fire engines stand by for potential emergent situation at the fire house.>

Also, the level of security at Yeosu Airport was upgraded to meet international standards during the Expo. This upgraded security system will ensure the safety of visitors using air planes to come over Yeosu. At the 1st and 2nd rehearsal where around 30,000 and 50,000 people for each rehearsal participated in, there was no concern related to visitors’ safety. So, it is expected that the Yeosu Expo is going to be safely and smoothly held.