[7 days to go] Thematic Facility 4: The Aquarium of the Living Ocean’s Living Organisms

To realize the Expo’s theme, the Living Ocean and Coast, the Yeosu Expo has prepared the Aquarium which enables visitors to experience living organisms in the sea and coast and to learn the importance of protecting and studying them for the co-existence between humans and marine eco-system. The Aquarium along with the Sky Tower, the Expo Digital Gallery, and the Big-O is one of the thematic facilities. It is the Asia’s first and hugest domed aquarium (world’s second domed aquarium) which consists of Coastal Life, Marine Life, and Eco-Terrarium. Visitors can meet the world’s endangered species such as Beluga (a white whale) and Bikal seal (Lake Baikal seal).

Looking into this facility with its own themes, the Coastal Life zone  is a space where visitors can meet a variety of marine species including Beluga, Bikal seal, and South American fur seal. Adapting an exhibition method which enables visitors to watch animals next to visitors and to feel like they are swimming with animals in the sea makes the aquarium tour more vivid. Secondly, the Eco-Terrarium zone is a space directing Aqua-forest which was created based on Amazon Forest filled with sunlight. It is a mysterious space making visitors feel like they are watching fresh water fish living in the inside of trees. Finally, the Marine Life zone is directing the Deep Blue Sea where marine lives from the 5 oceans. One of the top recommendable landmarks that visitors should watch, the 360-degree aqua-dome gets visitors watch marine organisms in the up, down, right and left, which would enable them to dream as if they walk in the middle of the deep sea.

Let’s meet some of the 10 recommendable views in the Aquarium. Beluga which is expected to be most loved by visitors lives in the seas near the North Pole in the nature. Its position in the animal world is a celebrity with its cute face and sweet voices which attract people.

Thousands of sardines and Bonnethead shark  will make a spectacle with their group dances.

Bikal seal which is one of the 3 rare animals in Aquarium only lives at the Lake Bikal in Russia in the nature. It is the first time to watch them in Korea and so expected to be loved by visitors.

<Bikal seal resting over ice>

Jackass Penguins called as African penguins living in the warm shore are ready to attract children visitors. They are well known for its cute walking with small body size.

<Jackass Penguins>

The Aquarium striving for Green Aquarium which presents the necessity of beautiful marine cultural diversity and resource protection, Eco-Friendly Aquarium where life support system (LSS) for organisms is operated with solar power, and Studying Aquarium which is a major point to protect rare species and marine eco-system is ready to meet visitors in Yeosu.