[8 days to go] The Korea Pavilion: Korea’s Spirit in relation to the Living Ocean and Coast

In relation to the Yeosu Expo’s theme, “the Living Ocean and Coast,” Korean future vision regarding ocean exploration and ocean capabilities would be presented through the Korea Pavilion during the Expo. On the day of celebrating its building completion (May 3), presses from all over the world showed enthusiastic response for the hosting country’s pavilion. Indeed, the Korea Pavilion was popular among participants in pre-opening events (on April 28 and May 2). The construction was all complete and this pavilion is just doing final examination to meet visitors from all over the world.

<The exterior of the Korea Pavilion featuring Korean traditional door>

Under the theme of “Korea’s Spirit of Ocean Exploration and Ocean Capabilities,” the Korea Pavilion delivers the message of moving toward Hopeful Ocean from Miraculous Ocean. Accordingly, the Korea Pavilion adapted hydrogen fuel cell and carbon neutrality as building system, which meets the global needs to solve environmental problems and corresponds to the theme of the Yeosu Expo.

The Korea Pavilion consists of 2 parts which are Exhibition Hall and Media Hall. At the Exhibition Hall, visitors could learn how Koreans have lived with the sea through their history. To realize the value of the Living Ocean and Coast, this hall tells the true story of the oceanic nature, the oceanic culture, and the oceanic effects on Koreans’ lives through diorama which is a miniature three-dimensional scene, in which models of figures are seen against a background.

 <Exhibition Hall presenting terraced paddy field in Korea>

The Media Hall concentrates on directing the Hopeful Ocean where Korean ocean capability could contribute to the entire humans’ prosperity. This also means Korea’s will to make a new leap to be one of the leading nations of the new oceanic era. This hall has the world’s largest domed screen (30m in radius and 7.5m in height) and the circle-vision 360-degree theater with sound system with 17.1 channels, which would deliver the vivid sensation to visitors. The main video of the pavilion will be played from everywhere like on the ceiling or on the wall, so that people who visited here during the rehearsals have all sit or lie down on the floor and could enjoy the film very comfortably.

<Visitors on the floor watching a film>

<Media Hall with domed screen, and visitors>

As a leading maritime nation with advanced and expansive marine knowledge and technology, Korea sincerely desires to lead new green oceanic era.