[9 days to go] Sub-Theme Pavilions : Realization of the Living Ocean and Coast

Sub-theme pavilions are conceptualized to highlight the theme of the Yeosu Expo which is “The Living Ocean and Coast.” Marine Industry & Technology Pavilion, Marine City & Civilization Pavilion, and Marin Life Pavilion -along with Climate & Environment Pavilion- belong to the Sub-theme Pavilions. These specialized pavilions propose a direction humans shall aim for the co-existence with the ocean by realizing the importance of marine resources.

<Marine Industry & Technology Pavilion>

  Marine Industry & Technology Pavilion delivers a key message of the realization of the blue economy through marine industry and technology to visitors. For the first time in the history of the Expo, it directs its exhibition with both exhibition and performances.
Accordingly it consists of Video Hall, Performance Hall, and Exhibition Hall. Video Hall as a waiting space would help visitors to realize the seriousness of the exhaustion of land resources through the videos. Expected crisis to humans such as water shortage, insufficient resources, insufficient energy, and insufficient food would be presented. Performance Hall would present the new aspect of the ocean as an alternative solution to the expected crisis to humans. Though a lot of potentials exist, this space pays special attention to the seaweeds by introducing the principles of marine technology using them through huge sliding image, 4D effects, performances, etc. Finally, Exhibition Hall would present some mock-ups/genuine technology like elimination of CO2, which would enable visitors to watch the current state of marine industry and technology.

<Marine City & Civilization Pavilion>

  Marine City & Civilization Pavilion is built for visitors to learn the history of humans’ challenges and achievements with the ocean. First, Civilization Pavilion would offer a video image delivering the message of that ancient people’s challenges toward the sea could lead trade between nations and this trade enabled new civilization to develop. A mock-up of Dhow (a shipwreck proving the existence of marine silk-road) with its traded products would get visitors guess the ancient trade through the sea.

<Inner photos from Marine City & Civilization Pavilion>

Also, this pavilion would offer multi-image delivering the history of marine civilizations including the Mediterranean, the Pacific, the Atlantic, and the India, which would make visitors feel the power of humans which have developed civilizations with the sea.
Second, City Pavilion having several miniatures and 3D graphic image would present the future human life style living in the marine city.

<A miniature of the imagined Marine City which flows on the ocean>

It would be a great chance to learn how to secure energy, how to enjoy life and leisure, and how to utilize marine transportation.

Marine Life Pavilion built under the theme of the diversity and beauty of marine organisms would present the value of the ocean as a rich repository of marine lives, the importance of marine economy, and an ideal co-existence of humans and marine lives. Especially, through wall screen and 4D submarine, visitors would have a great chance to travel Mariana Trench which is the world’s deepest (as deep as 6,000m) and the Galapagos which is known as a repository of various species of marine organisms.

Protecting as well as developing marine resources in a right way is definitely important, which will be shown by these specialized pavilions to visitors.