[10 days to go] See some photos at the 1st Rehearsal!

Rainbow showed up to celebrate the 1st rehearsal of Yeosu Expo, on April 28!

The 1st rehearsal day was the first day that the Expo site was officially opened to the public. About 30,000 people joined to celebrate together. It was done as if it was the actual opening of the Expo.

All the transportation was restricted excluding shuttle buses. Operating a shuttle bus is to contribute to reduce traffic jam. There are 5 transfer parking lot(more than 33,000 cars and buses can be parked)  where those shuttle buses come and go to the Expo site while other transportation is restricted. It will be introduced specifically soon on this blog.

This is a picture of the “Theme Pavilion” which would implicitly exhibit the theme of the Yeosu Expo, the Living Ocean and Coast. The audiences are entering into the pavilion in arrangement.

Here we come at the Marine City & Civilization Pavilion where visitors can experience and enjoy the past, the present, and the future of the ocean.

Yeony’s and Suny’s beloved friends, children are watching clown with red nose to juggle while riding a unicycle. Children can’t be excluded for the actual like rehearsal!

There was also a concert by a band. We can see some girl fans enjoying their music!

Look at how calm and beautiful is the ocean! It looks like the ocean is quietly waiting to see the joyful visitors!

Wow! See the waiting line! Participants might hear the beautiful female robot, ‘Ever.’
Lots of robots are exhibited such as swimming robots and dancing robots at the Marine Robot Pavilion.

This is the Japanese Pavilion. Japan as a neighbor country of Korea, a number of Japanese visitors are expected to visit. ようこそ!

Now, let’s meet some of the Corporate Pavilions! Samsung Pavilion here.

LG Pavilion which was not opened yet.

There are more Corporate pavilions including SK Telecom, GS Caltex Energy, Posco, and Lotte which are expected to be full of fun.

Resting areas are also prepared in front of the pavilions for visitors’ convenience.

From now on, you will see some convenience facilities!A security car which randomly runs for visitors’ safety. You are always welcome to ask if you need any help!

If you need information in the middle of the Expo site, find these media ‘kiosk’ machine which has a touchscreen and would show what you look for!

Or, you can visit the Information Desk! You also can get brochure and related personnel who are also waiting to help you!

Very important place! If you are sick or if you get hurt while watching the Yeosu Expo, find the Clinic with the Red cross. All the staffs or nurses there will kindly help you out.

Finally, let’s see if “Dreaming Whale” is doing well which was introduced on our previous  post. Do you remember this whale above your head  at the Expo Digital Gallery?

It was pink yesterday which means he is happy with lots of visitors watching him. The whale is made by visitors’ pictures! Doesn’t it look so cute?

Yeony and Suny hope you to find these pictures interesting!
It will be fun finding these places in the pictures yourself when you visit Yeosu Expo.

The 2nd rehearsal is going to be held on May 2, the 3rd on May 5!
Yeony and Suny will be back with many other happier faces of the visitors.