[14 days to go] Thematic Facilities 1 : The Big-O

The Landmark of the Yeosu Expo, The Big-O


The Big-O, Expo Digital Gallery, Sky Tower, and Aquarium are the 4 Thematic Facilities of the Yeosu Expo.  At the Big-O which is located over sea, Experience Zone where visitors can learn the theme of the Yeosu Expo (the Living Ocean and Coast), large-scale events, cultural performances, and various shows are ready to attract visitors.

The water screen of the Big-O which will be directed with lightings, fogs, laser, fireworks, and sound would color the night of Yeosu for 93 days. Through the spectacular multimedia shows, it will present impressive contents which will deliver the message of The Living Ocean and Coast. It is expected to catch visitors’ eyes arrestingly.

The below photograph was taken on April 15th when the O was first opened to the public. The area of Big-O currently is off-limits place due to final programming and rehearsals. The efforts made by a lot of staffs would enable people to enjoy large-scale open variety shows in Yeosu which people could enjoy only in other world-famous cities such as Las Vegas, Paris, Tokyo, and Venetia before.

Yeony and Suny expect to hear the joyful screams of visitors from all over the world this summer.