Tips for Discounted Tickets of Korail Airport Railroad for Expo Visitors!

For the convenience of foreign visitors who arrive at Incheon International Airport, Korail Airport Railroad and Expo 2012 Yeosu signed for MOU.

Korail Airport Railroad is the express train between Incheon International Airport and Seoul Station where you can take KTX (Korean Train eXpress, a high-speed rail system) and subways of line No. 1 & 4.

If you plan to use airplanes, to arrive at Incheon International Airport and to go Seoul before visiting Yeosu, do not forget your ticket of the Expo. The way for you to get discount is showing your ticket of the Expo when you pay the express train pass. The original fare of this express train is 13,800 won (about US 12 dollars) and the discounted fare by 30% is 9,700 won (about US 10 dollars).

This transportation is the cheapest and fastest way to Seoul!

Yeony and Suny hope you to find it useful! 🙂