Energy Park for Eco-Friendly Expo 2012 Yeosu!

On April 24th,  people gathered to celebrate the building completion of the Energy Park.

At the Energy Park, visitors can see various facilities including Renewable Energy Power Plants such as solar power and wind power and Experience Zone where visitors can generate energy themselves. Visitors also can see eco-friendly transportations such as hydrogen fueled cell vehicle, electric vehicle, and on-line electric bus. The on-line electric bus which was selected as one of the TIME’s 50 Inventories of 2010 will be run for free for visitors during the Expo. This vehicle that is charged wirelessly while it runs is expected to be a possible future transportation.

The electricity generated through solar photovoltaic power plant whose capacity reaches at 2.2MW would be supplied to the entire facilities of the Expo and nearby habitation. With this, green-house gases as much as 1,600 ton would be reduced.

Yeony and Suny are happy with the Energy Park and hope every visitor to learn the importance of energy.